It's time to upgrade.

The Aerospace industry has been using the same crimp nuts and lock nuts for 50 years.  You’ve earned an upgrade to the next generation of fasteners.


Our next-generation of fasteners will reduce FOD, are quick to install, and exceed vibration test requirements with what we believe are the highest strength-to-weight-ratio nuts in the world.

See how these fasteners will change aerospace manufacturing.

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motor sports

When performance drives your business, every component and system must operate at its best even under the harshest of conditions.

Our fasteners are ideal for Formula 1 and IndyCar and have been used on championship-winning racing machines.  Read more on these performance parts.

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automotive / commercial

Sky Climber Fasteners provides specially designed fastener and component solutions in the automotive and industrial marketplace.

Applications includ Mass Transit, Off-Highway, Commercial Buildings & Structures, Elevators, and Industrial.  Follow the link below to learn more.  

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news & media

RHINO Aluminum locknuts pass salt fog corrosion tests

New salt fog corrosion test results show that RHINO  Aluminum Locknuts continue to outperform the competition.   The RHINO Aluminum Locknut is the only aluminum locknut available for the aerospace market today, and the use of aluminum cuts the fastener weight in half...

Sole sourcing is the weak link in your supply chain

The Aerospace supply chain can be a dynamic beast for many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The ever-changing nature of this industry can lead to a narrowing of supplier options, sometimes leading to a sole-source scenario. Sole-sourcing can be optimal for that single...