Rhino Aluminum Nuts

High Strength Nuts and Locknuts

Our high-strength Aluminum Nuts are engineered for maximum strength. Ideal for Commercial and Aerospace applications, these Aluminum Nuts deliver reliable performance while far exceeding strength requirements.  

These fasteners continue to outperform competitor locknuts, with superior strength-to-weight ratios, clamp loads and and torque results as tested by a third-party lab.  (See salt fog test results here.)

Plus, with multiple patents pending, this design demonstrates significant advantages of torque and torque consistency when supplied as locknuts with our locking inserts.

RHINO Aluminum Locknuts are the first high performance LOCKING aluminum nuts ever available outside using nylon rings or patches (which don’t pass 15-cycle torque tests as well).

Historically, soft Aluminum does not make for a good crimped locknut. RHINO Aluminum Locknuts don’t have that problem because our locking torque comes from the locking flats on the stainless steel inserts themselves.

  • PEEK and PEI
  • 6061 Alum, 2024 Alum, 7075 Alum
  • 4340
  • Inconel 718
  • A286 CRES
  • 300 Series S/S and 400 Series S/S
  • Hex and 12-point configurations
  • Unified Coarse Threads (UNC)
  • Unified Fine Threads (UNF)
  • Metric Threads
Currently available in ¼” up to 1½”.  UNF Class 3B and Metric
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Off Highway
  • Buildings
No special tooling required.
  • Easily Passes 30,000 cycle vibration test per NASM1312-7
  • Exceeds Wrench Torque requirements for ¼” AL nuts (92 in-lbs.) & also Steel Nuts (115 in-lbs.).
  • Easily passes 15-cycle torque tests per NASM 25027 & exceeds 50 cycles
  • Passes 800°F Soak Torque Test for Locknuts
  • Can be used in High Temperature applications
  • Average Tensile Strength was 5,643 lbs. (156.7KSI)
  • Tensile Strength Exceeds the Axial Tensile Requirement of Alloy Steel by 23% (per NASM 25027 Table I).
  • Weight is less than half the weight of comparably-sized steel nuts (1.48 grams vs. 3.06 grams)
  • 220KSI Stainless Steel inserts (or Nimonic 90 in case galling is a concern) eliminate corrosion factors. 
  • Generally eliminates need for dry film lubrication, silver plating and cad plating
  • Lock-Torque variation between lots is minimal.