TITAN Barrel Nuts

Consistent torque performance

With its improved tensile strength, our Titan Barrel Nut outperforms all other barrel nuts on the market today.  Our barrel nuts have exceeded a tensile strength of 260 KSI with standard Inconel 718 material and have exceeded 220 KSI with standard 4340 alloy steel.

While other locknuts struggle to pass 15-cycle torque tests, the Titan Barrel Nut passes up to 50 cycles consistently. The design is superior to prevailing torque nuts, and through our rigorous testing we have yet to break a Titan Barrel Nut.

Save on scrap costs too — no crimping means up to a 20% savings by eliminating inaccurately crimped installations. Plus, the patent-pending locking inserts can eliminate environmentally-damaging chromate from assemblies. The Titan Barrel Nut will bring better performance and reliability to your fastener installations.

Click on the tabs below for specifications and performance data, or contact us for more information.

  • A286 CRES
  • AISI 4340
  • Inconel 718
  • Other materials optional
  • With either locking or free-running Rhino Inserts
  • Single piece or 2-piece barrel nuts
  • Revolutionary 1-Piece design for ultra high strength performance
Currently available in ¼” up to 1½”.
  • Ideal for a variety of blind applications in aerospace
  • Aircraft winglets,
  • wing and fuselage structures,
  • landing gear, etc.
Have exceeded 260KSI with some designs
  • Consistently-performing locknut superior to prevailing torque and breakaway torque nuts
  • Highest strength barrel nuts – strength tests have yet to break our design
  • Patent-pending locking inserts can eliminate environmentally-damaging chromate from assemblies
  • No crimping means up to 20% savings from inaccurately crimped installations.