VESPID Panel Fasteners

Reusable panel fastener for blind fastening aircraft applications 

Our reusable Vespid Panel Fastener is designed for blind fastening applications in aircraft interiors. Ideal for attaching honeycomb panel floors, this next-generation design utilizes an expanding ring made of a proprietary super-elastic shape memory alloy.

This alloy can be fine-tuned for the precise combination of elasticity and strength necessary for a variety of applications. Define your application and we will work with the alloy provider to tune the metallurgy to the application.

Sky Climber Fasteners’ Vespid Panel Fastener installs — and uninstalls — with access to only one side of the panel. It replaces rivets and rivetless nut plates in aircraft applications.

The Vespid accommodates a range of material depths, is FOD-free, and tolerates angular misalignment better than any alternatives currently in the market.

Competitor panel fasteners create gaps between the structure and gripping collet. This creates high multi-directional load conditions on the brittle spring tempered collet and potential FOD.

Vespid Panel Fasteners have minimal gaps and substantial material in the shear stress area.  Other fasteners grip on the edges of hole whereas the Vespid grips on the entire face. This reduces stress and eliminates deformation on the hole.

Adding multiple retaining rings to the Vespid adds toughness and strength given applied tension of the screw.

Unlike other panel fasteners, the Vespid Panel Fastener can conform to severe misalignment conditions. This design includes spherical bearing surfaces that allow component pivoting to keep load distribution even on critical surfaces.