New salt fog corrosion test results show that RHINO  Aluminum Locknuts continue to outperform the competition.  

The RHINO Aluminum Locknut is the only aluminum locknut available for the aerospace market today, and the use of aluminum cuts the fastener weight in half while eliminating vibration issues seen with heavier versions.  The locking inserts provide the wrench torque necessary for aerospace applications, and new corrosion test results prove that the design is non-corrosive/reactive.

Recently completed corrosion testing was based on NASM25027 4.5.6 using 600 hours of salt fog instead of saltwater immersion.  Test specimens consisted of locking nuts assembled on bolts against two sets of washers that were assembled onto a test fixture that was hung in a salt fog chamber.  Loading torque was 100 inch-pounds.  Result prove that with our Stainless Steel (non-passivated) insert there is minimal corrosion concern.

Our high-strength Aluminum Nuts are engineered for maximum strength. Ideal for Commercial and Aerospace applications, these Aluminum Nuts deliver reliable performance while far exceeding strength requirements.  Plus, with multiple patents pending, this design demonstrates significant advantages of torque and torque consistency when supplied as locknuts with our locking inserts.  

RHINO Aluminum Locknuts are the first high-performance LOCKING aluminum nuts ever available outside using nylon rings or patches (which don’t pass 15-cycle torque tests as well).  Historically, soft Aluminum does not make for a good crimped locknut.  RHINO Aluminum Locknuts don’t have that problem because our locking torque comes from the locking comes from the locking flats on the stainless steel inserts themselves. 

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