The Aerospace supply chain can be a dynamic beast for many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The ever-changing nature of this industry can lead to a narrowing of supplier options, sometimes leading to a sole-source scenario.

Sole-sourcing can be optimal for that single supplier, creating a vacuum in which pricing, availability, and scheduling fall largely under the discretion of the supplier. OEMs can be severely disadvantaged, limited by the singularity of that link in the supply chain and subject to bottlenecks and performance fluctuations of that supplier.

Avoid the pitfalls of sole-sourcing your aerospace fasteners and let one with design authority help. Sky Climber Fasteners is AS9100 Rev D-registered with Design Authority so we can help you break out of your sole-source rut. Get better pricing, flexibility, and engineering control by adding Sky Climber Fasteners to your critical supply chain.

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