Although many aerospace suppliers boast AS9100 Rev D compliance and registration, few in the Fasteners category carry the Design Authority approval.  What does that mean for OEMs?

By definition, an organization with Design Authority is “an organization with formal authority for the design, validation, and service support of a product.”  

The extra Design Authority element of an AS9100 Rev. D. registration indicates that a supplier organization is not only responsible for manufacturing parts under an approved Quality Management System, but are also responsible for producing the design characteristics of the product.  With Design Authority, Sky Climber Fasteners can assume responsibility for the configuration management control of the engineering drawings that specify product design characteristics.  This means that we can engineer, verify, validate AND manufacture fasteners to our client’s prints and purchase orders. 

This capability is particularly important when clients need to re-engineer existing parts but do no have legacy engineering prints for those parts.  Do you have a program with legacy fasteners that don’t precisely fit your requirements?  Contact us today to discuss the benefits of a fasteners vendor with Design Authority. 

Titan Barrel nuts

We offer a variety of high performance Titan Barrel nuts.  Find sizes, materials, and other details here.

Rhino Aluminum nuts

These high-strength nuts are engineered for maximum strength.  Check out the tensile strength of these fasteners!

Rhino Hybrid nuts

These high-strength nuts are engineered for maximum strength, the applications are endless.

Mantis Torque Locknut

The MANTIS Torque Nut allows installers to set to mid torque value and pin immediately.