Aerospace Fastener Solutions

new designs, unique solutions

With 24 patents pending, Sky Climber Fasteners is leading the way in engineering innovation.  At a time when most aerospace fastener manufacturers are cutting R&D and new product investments, we are developing products that are changing aerospace manufacturing for the better.

Our fastener designs are easier to install, reduce installation time, are FOD-free, and are stronger than other market alternatives.  Most importantly, our fasteners have much more consistent lock torque, consistently exceeding 50-cycle tests.

With one prime manufacturer already on-board, we are revolutionizing the Aerospace Fastener industry.

Titan Barrel nuts

We offer a variety of high performance Barrel nuts.  Find sizes, materials, and other details here.

Rhino Aluminum nuts

These high-strength nuts are engineered for maximum strength.  Check out the tensile strength of these fasteners!

Rhino Hybrid nuts

These high-strength nuts are small but mighty.  Engineered for maximum strength, the applications are endless.

Innovative Fasteners

With 20 patents already filed, our team is looking to the future.  See what’s next from Sky Climber Fasteners.

about Sky Climber Fasteners

Sky Climber Fasteners was launched in late 2015 as THE New-Generation engineered aerospace fastener company.  Our mission is to design and develop a wide variety of new and/or improved, metal and/or polymer aerospace fasteners and fastening systems.  We ensure our products and solutions will solve customer problems, improve reliability, reduce cost, reduce weight and/or reduce installation time while being delivered on-time and on-budget.

With more than 65 years’ experience Sky Climber Fasteners’ Engineering and R&D teams are Centers of Excellence in the aerospace fastener industry.  Our State-of-the-Art Machining & Injection Molding facilities are located in California and Ohio where we have a unique ability to produce a wide variety of fasteners using metal, plastic and composite materials for structural, engine and interior applications.  Our current product list includes but is not limited to:

  • Barrel Nuts
  • Locknuts
  • Plastic Nuts
  • Plastic/Metal “Hybrid” Nuts
  • Isolator Mounts
  • Honeycomb Panel Inserts
  • Structural Honeycomb Floor Board Installation Systems
  • Radially-Clamping Fasteners & Tools
  • Stand-Offs
  • Lining Fasteners

Sky Climber Fasteners embraces the reality that our technology-driven yet cost-sensitive aerospace customers have difficult design and cost challenges to overcome.  The entire team at Sky Climber Fasteners’ is committed to working side-by-side with our customers every step of the way to help them overcome these challenges and to help them take their products to the next level.  Sky Climber Fasteners; THE New Generation of engineered aerospace fasteners.

Improved versions of legacy Aerospace fasteners

Highest strength-to-weight-ratio nuts in the world

Unprecedented torque results far exceed industry standards